Thursday, November 21, 2013

Principle 9: Mentors can give us vital spiritual guidance

Principle 9

The Lord can give us guidance through 
the experiences shared by others

Mentors, people who are interested in our well-being and want to help us by sharing their experiences, can be a  great source of help.  It is important that these individuals are willing to give COUNSEL that is FOUNDED in PRINCIPLE and DOCTRINE. 

"Some of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life have been taught to me by those brethren and sisters who have mentored me, given me counsel, seen me struggling with an issue and taken the time to share their experience and provide tremendous encouragement. " - Richard G Scott 
**Be prepared because our experiences will call us to be mentors sometime in our lifetimes.

"To serve and to intentionally reach out to help each other is a great blessing.  When you can become a mentor for another because of personal experience you have gained, do it. Age does not matter: experience does."
Our duty: God does not give us experiences so that we can lock them up for our own benefit.
  He requires us to be brave and to unselfishly share our insights and experienced 
with others who are in need.

"Sometimes just the way a person lives provides a mentoring experience for others."

  We have to be strong and immovable in our examples

MY THOUGHTS:  Richard G Scott, having lost his wife 18 years ago, has been a great mentor to me through this process.  When I was in 7th grade, I had a wonderful friend in 8th grade who was mentor to me.  She was the president of our young women's class at church.  She was such a happy, positive and spiritual person that I couldn't help but want to be like her.  I found out what goals she was setting and I set those same goals.  At a very pivotal time in my life, her example along with the other girls in my church youth group helped me to choose the right and helped me to stand strong.  I will forever be grateful to those girls for mentoring me. Thank you Bawesomes!


  1. What a great group of girls! I will also be forever grateful for their friendship, love, and examples!

  2. I feel so blessed to have had the privilege of growing up with you girls. We were so lucky to have each other.