Saturday, November 2, 2013

Love Inspired Correction

Love Inspired Correction

God uses love-inspired correction to guide us to a future we do not or cannot now envision
 but which He knows is the better way for us.

Sometimes, lately, it feels that if I am not hurting then I am not growing.  I have little spells where all seems to be going really well.  As those spell linger I find that I begin to get distracted from my deep studying, praying and pondering.  Nothing is pushing me to my knees, so I do not go there as often.  Then comes a bit of a hard spell, and I remember what I am to be doing after all.  The correction pulls me back to who and what I need to be focused on.  With that struggling comes answers and growth.  So every time those hard times come now, I find myself silently cheering because I know another set of answers is coming.  Strange as it sounds...I am beginning to welcome the pruning.

This clip below is by Elder Christofferson.  He is the same apostle that did the daily bread series that I posted earlier. He says, "I want to speak of one particular attitude and practice we are to adopt if we want to meet our Heavenly Father's expectations.  It is this: willing to accept and even seek corrections.  Let us pray for his love inspired corrections."  You may wonder, how can some accept and even pray for corrections in their life?  When you get to the point that you understand that growth is ONLY possible through corrections and when you really, sincerely want that growth, you accept God's will and welcome the challenges that become corrections.  Then we can honestly thank God for those refining moments that allow us to become the people HE wants us to be. 

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