Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A New Hope

This morning my oldest son returns from faithfully serving a two-year mission for our church in Chile. This day is almost surreal to me. When I sent him off just eight months after the death of my husband, two years seemed like an eternity. Then I sent my second son a year later. I'm impressed by the sacrifice that my two boys have made to devote two years of their life to serving God especially in light of the trying circumstances of our family. I have felt blessings pour down from heaven because of their willingness to reach out to others and serve God even when it is very hard to do so. In a way I'm afraid that we are going to miss those blessings when they return home.

But this morning my thoughts are towards that anticipated reunion. I cannot tell you how many times I have replayed it in my mind. For months I have cried every time I have thought about it. I have vacillated between feelings of fear, nervousness and excitement, but this morning it is anxious anticipation. I'm getting one of my boys back! Our family is growing bigger today, and I have so needed the hope for the future that is filling me today.

My thoughts have also been drawn to a future reunion. A reunion where I will be returning home from my mission here.  I've thought of the anxious anticipation that Scott and other loved ones will feel as they await the return of a loved family member who has served their life well. I think I will feel a portion of that joy today when we welcome Alex home.  I expect that the circle of family hugging will be much larger than what is seen.

So many people have asked me how I could possibly send out my sons for so long and if I worry about them.  I did it because I know that is what God wanted me to do and wanted them to do.  This is what I raised and prepared my sons to do, and I felt Scot say, "don't worry about them a bit.  I've got them for two years and I'm so excited about this!"  So today, he will be there at the hand off... And I will take over that stewardship again. But today I feel him say, " I'm so proud of the man he has become.  You are going to be amazed."

Twenty-five minutes until he lands...

I don't think I have fully comprehended the joy that God expects us to feel from our posterity. Sometimes it's so easy to get wrapped up in the messes and the homework and the disagreements that happen in a family. But when a family member is gone for a period of time and you feel sorrow and a deep longing for their reunion, a place in your heart is carved to receive greater joy.  I think I'm about to feel a taste of that joy.

The welcome home in action

I'm just taking a moment to post this tonight... What a wonderful awesome day.  I feel like my heart is so full.  So full of love for my family.  Today has been a beautiful, uplifting and full of hope for the future.  Today was a taste of the joyous reunion that awaits our whole family in the future.  It has renewed strength within me to keep trying to do good and to wait on the Lord.  

Sometimes it is really hard to wait for those promised blessings, but I can tell you that today taught me that the waiting is worth every moment of pain.