Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hope shining brightly before us....

Hope Shining Brightly Before Us....

There is HOPE shining brightly before us... My 17 year old son took me out for dinner last night and the kids wanted to have a family movie night after. They argued about who would sit by me. How lucky can I be, I have such good kids. 

Earlier this week I found my son's college essay on the printer. I'm including it here because I wanted to share his progress.
He has not shed a tear since his dad died nor has he talked about it and I have worried about him and the grieving process. All my kids are back to caring about school and their grades. They are individually seeking out ways to help other kids at church and school. I feel like we are going to make it through this okay, and it is such a burden lifted off me. I know we still will have backslides, but forward progress is so nice to see. I know so many of you are struggling with kids. I do not post this to make you feel bad, but to give you HOPE. All is not lost, hold the course. The last 10 months we have doubled our commitment to the gospel. Our family scripture study has deepened. We discuss and share spiritual experiences regularly. We talk about and pray to follow promptings. We are serving others more. We are going out with the missionaries and my oldest is serving on a mission now. We have turned off the television and we limit things that offend the spirit in our home and car. I pray more fervently for direction and help for my children. All of these things are working. They have taken time, but they are working. There is hope in the Savior if we will just turn to Him, he can help heal our families 

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