Monday, September 9, 2013

Bread of Life

Sept 9, 2013

Just as we need daily physical sustenance, we need that that daily spiritual sustenance to help us remember who is the source of our blessings. It keeps us in tune with the spirit. It helps us increase our courage to do the right things and to serve God. These small and simple things daily transform us into better people. This is a beautiful video clip on this topic. It really lifted me today.

Sept 10, 2013

Our faith in God is the fruit of experience. Sometimes we may wonder, “Why does this trial linger on? Why doesn’t God just answer my prayer and fix this for me?” I have gone through those questions in conjunction with the other trials that have come with the death of my husband. In those difficult moments I have come to a point where I had no where to turn but to God, in those circumstances I have truly learned how to pray and receive the answers that come.
So like the children of Israel, I follow the task of gathering the mana for that day, the help that can only come from Him, from God, for that moment, not the long term, but for my immediate need. I am learning to take life one day at a time... remembering “Give us this day our daily bread.

While deliverance is not immediate and I cannot see the end, I am finally to the point where I can say, “I’m content to get a daily help and let it take what time it takes.”

Perhaps the greater blessing for us is to have to walk through it with Him.

Sept 11, 2013

That core substance that we need to aspire to become the person we need to BECOME is found in Jesus Christ.  There is a purpose in life far beyond living comfortably.  The bread that we receive is to enable us to act and serve.  We are helped and changed in this incremental process.  I am learning not to expect immediate deliverance from my problems.  As God is patient with me in my progress, I can get His help day by day.  All of those small changes add up over time to make an eternal difference in me.  I can see that in my life over the past 10 months as I have turned to Him as the source of sustenance of my life.

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