Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Painting Project
Principle 3 from 21 Principles 
by Richard G Scott
(see August 2013 blog posts for more info on principle 3)

DAY 2:
So I didn't post 'day 1' because I wasn't that happy with it yet, but now it is coming along.  I have watercolored a lot, but oil is really different.  Day 1 was all wet on wet and trying to figure out how to work with opaque paint.  All of my technique for watercolor went out the door.  Day 2: I did some glazing and blocked the hands.  I had an easier time with the wet today and the glazing is just like watercolor!  hurray!  I know what I'm doing.  Maybe I can figure this out.  Still need to block in the flower, do detail on the hair and eyes and do some more glazing.  This is just a practice piece before I try the one in my mind that I really want to do.  This is a picture I took of Rachel, my daughter, when she was 2 years old.

Day 3:

While talking on the phone the other night I finished the flower and started to work on the hair on the right hand side.  I quit because I need a smaller liner brush and something to thin the paint a bit.  Plus it's hard to paint above the wet flower.  I need to let it dry fro several days now.

Day 4:

More work on the hair and glazing on the face and chest. Softening the hands and dress.  It needs more dry time before I can finish the glazing.  This has been fun/ frustrating.  The perfectionist in me wants it to be perfect right now, but I know that I have lots and lots of future hours to put in so I can learn all of the things I need to.  Thanks so much to my awesome teacher!

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