Saturday, October 26, 2013

When Burdens Seem too Difficult to Bear

When Burdens Seem too Difficult to Bear

It seems when we are in the midst of a trial that often other trials and difficulties seem to compound our already troubled and worried souls.  I have learned that God needs to take us to the point where we can no longer handle the trial on our own.  Sometimes we have to go to the deepest depths to do the kind of pleading and searching that will lead us to the answers we need.  It is only in that dark place that we can find the light. We have to know where our limitations are so that when we are given the added strength to bear them that we will recognize that help as the TENDER MERCY that it is.  Instant answers and solutions would make us weak.  Personal Growth comes through the struggle to learn how to be lead. 

Back in the first few months of Scott's death, when I was going through that initial grief compounded with legal and financial problems as well as dealing with selling my home and helping grieving children, I often found myself at that point where I could no longer bear the burden on my shoulders.  It was in that place that I received some of the sweetest and most comforting answers.  Those answers have buoyed me up and given me the perspective and understanding that I needed to move forward to today.

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