Monday, July 8, 2013

Prayer July 8, 2013


Blessings come after the trial of our faith

July 8, 2013

Prayer is the mechanism where 
we surrender our will to God's will and 
the two become ONE, in harmony with one another. 

Blessings always come AFTER the trial of our faith. 

  • So don't give up if you think you have persevered long enough. God's time table is not the same as ours. 
  • Remember Jesus didn't come to his apostles suffering in a storm on the sea until the fourth watch...right before the dawn. 
  • Often we suffer through most of the 'night' in our trials, not because He doesn't care, but because He knows that is when the growth comes. 
  • After the growth, in the 11th hour before the dawn, that is when He comes to calm the sea. 

Hold on, the light will come.

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