Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Patience with Growth - Aug 6 ,2013

Patience with growth

Aug 6, 2013

I had an issue pop up again with one of my children that I thought we had overcome and resolved. I was feeling very frustrated with him and with my abilities as a parent to enact a change in him. I wanted to share this scripture I came across in my reading tonight and how it came as an answer to a prayer for how to deal with him.

I was reading in D&C 9:12 Where the Lord was telling Oliver Cowry that because he had not taken the proper steps and put forth the proper effort that the time for him to help with the translation has passed. At the end of the verse, he is telling him that it is okay that he failed and that he had made up the difference by giving Joseph extra strength to translate. 

The last part says...."and neither of you have I condemned." As I pondered this, I thought,

"How patient, the Lord is with us. Even when we fail in our tasks and disappoint him. He never gives up on us. He gives us chance after chance, and tailors new experiences for us to teach us what he wants us to learn. "

I have been annotating each verse I read in my scripture study and I find that writing while I study allows the spirit to more easily teach me. This is what I wrote...

"The Lord forgives us for our weaknesses. He is patient with us even when we grow and change slower that He expects. We need to do that for others, especially for our children. We need to realize that we all take a different amount of time to get there. It is not a race, but it is the steady forward course that matters. Be more patient!"

I am so grateful for my scriptures and that the spirit can speak to me and teach me how to be a better parent.

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