Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things that lifted my Burdens at 3 months out

Things that lifted my Burdens...

During the first 6 months I spent a lot of time studying, praying, and meditating.  I often turned to some of the messages put out by our church in the form of talks and these short videos.  This one particularly pertained to the death of a loved one and I felt connect to it and shared it on facebook.

Jan 29, 2013 
When a big trial hits you in your life, you have a choice where to turn. You can be angry and turn away from God into the darkness or you can turn toward him and into the light. This is real; the atonement of Jesus Christ has the power to make your burdens light if you turn to Him.
Lifting Burdens

Feb 5, 2013

Hope... Something we all need. A great pick me up after feeling a bit discouraged. A big thanks to my sisters who have been taking turns coming to help me. How sweet they are, and how I love my family. I would be lost without them. 2 birthdays in the next week. Alex is 18 and Rachel 11. Where has the time gone? 
 The Power of Hope

Feb 11, 2013
Yesterday was a poor me day. I just really missed Scott. The loneliness is hard. Listen to this today and thought- it could be so much worse. What an amazing young man. Sums up what I feel exactly!
We're Still a Family: Plan of Salvation 


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