Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones?

I know of several people who are experiencing severe trials in their lives right now. Their circumstances have made me reflect on the things our family has faced. I have been reminded of the pain, the struggles, the questions... the really hopeless times. Then I have thought of all of the experiences that have come because of those hard things. I've looked at how my faith and trust in God has grown these past 4 years. I've noticed how fear controls a much smaller portion of my life and how my desire to control my circumstances and other people has diminished. I can see that I am better at feeling peace, better at loving others, better at dealing with my trials.

One truth I have learned is that Severe Trials have the propensity to propel you forward.
The stones in our path can be stumbling blocks or stepping stones. How we choose to view them and use them makes all of the difference.
I'm grateful for the truth I know that has allowed me to eventually see those stones as positive ways to move forward. As I approach year four on this journey, my goal is to not get tripped up by the stones in the path, but to use them to propel me forward. My goal is to feel more joy in life and to allow Christ to resorb some of the sorrow.

This summer I had all of my kids home for the first time in three years. All of the loss and waiting has taught me that I have much to be grateful for. As I have focused on the good in my life, I have found the power to get over those stones is much greater. Lately, I have noticed that they seem smaller. I have wondered if my eyes are playing tricks on me. Perhaps with all of the climbing, my legs have finally gotten stronger. Either way, I've also noticed that the weight in my pack doesn't seem as heavy when I let go of the negative thoughts that pull me down and focus on the lighter thoughts of gratitude.
Trials can strengthen you and gratitude can lift you. What we do with the things we are given makes all of the difference.
I hope today that my thoughts give you something to reflect on.
  • How can you look at the stones in your life differently? 
  • What role can gratitude play in helping you overcome those hurdles before you?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. On May 26, 2017 i lost my husband to cancer. We thought that he was beating the cancer. So we were not worried that he was going to die because he seem to be responding so well to the chemo.

    But things took a turn for the worse in April 2017, when I took him to the emergency room because his eyes were yellow and he was sleeping for a long period of time (3 days )
    So once I got him into the hospital, it turns out he was in full liver failure. The doctor said that he only has a few days left to live.

    The cancer had bought his bile duct, so he had a stent procedure to attend to unblock the bile duct. Their procedure was successful. And when Steve came home I saw a man that was never going to recover from this. He was in denial about dying and in denial that he would recover. So I always kept a positive mindset and optimistic about the situation so that he would continue to be positive. Because I felt that miracles happen every day, and he did not die when the doctor said he was going to. So I felt that it could be possible that maybe he could recover.

    but he did not recover he just continue to get dinner and thinner until he was about 95 pounds he looked so sick and he was in so much pain. It broke my heart. He had horrible anxiety and he seem to be panicked and scared. Hospice finally got involved, and then after about eight days on hospice he finally passed away on Friday, May 26, 2017.

    Me and my 13-year-old daughter have had to change our life from what it used to be to this new normal. We had moved homes because we could not afford to live in the large house we lived in before. And we also did not need so much space since it will just be me and my daughter. My husband had children from a previous marriage, but because of his ex-wife who really hated me for some reason. The children no longer speak to me and my daughter even though we have known them for 10 years and I saw them grow up as babies. So that situation is sad enough as it is. So it’s like I lost my husband and I lost the children that I knew for so long. So it is just me and my daughter now. I miss my husband so much. I want to speak with him just one time so badly, I have even considered reaching out to a legit psychic medium who communicates with the dead to speak with him. But I am skeptical of it because I heard that 85% of people who claim to be psychic mediums are fake