Friday, January 9, 2015

Opening A New Page in 2015

Opening a New Page in 2015

With the new year, I close the calendar on 2014... 

I do so with a sigh of relief

I have survived another year without my husband... something that I doubted was even possible in the beginning. As I stare at 2015, blank pages are before me. 

I can do and be whatever I want to this year. 

This year can be a new start and I am feeling the need for that.

Throughout the Christmas season I posted a daily attribute of Christ. Those things have made me reflect deeply on my own character.

Character is behind every success and good action.

If I want to be capable of doing better things this year, then I have to be better first. So I'm focusing on a new attribute every month…things that I felt I needed to work on. I invite you to take on this challenge as well. This link, Creating Christlike Character, will take you to the 17 attributes that I posted in December. Pick your own or follow along with me.

This month I'm focusing on patience

(As a heads up... it just might spill over into February
 because 2 of the 17 attributes were aspects of patience)

  • Patience with circumstances and God's will and timing
  • Patience in our relationships with others.
This month I will cover mostly the first and leave the relationship aspect for the month of February. You will see a posts about my learning experiences over the last two years, things that I'm studying, questions for reflection, and references to some of the great material that I find.

I could do this completely privately...

but I find that we can strengthen each other through sharing.

(Plus this is my New Year's resolution and if I announce it to the world,

 then I won't Peter out!)

I would love to hear what you're learning so please comment on my blog or on the Facebook link. (If you want it archived put it on the blog:)

Exciting things are going to happen this year… 

I can feel it in the air… 
It's a feeling of hope.

Now, onward to embracing patience...

1 Thessalonians 1:3  Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father; 
I like the phrase 'patience of hope.' 

I hadn't ever linked my hope and faith in the Lord with patience. That gives me something to ponder and I'll leave that with you today…

How do you think faith and hope in the Lord relates to patience?

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  1. How fitting for me to read this tonight. You and I are on the same page as we start the new year. I know that I have to accept the Lord's will and timing in a new relationship. It has been very emotional for me, after nearly six years since losing my husband, I am so ready to enter into a relationship with a special person that has been dropped in my lap. Unfortunately, he is not ready due to circumstances in his life, not that he is not interested. So I am praying for his perfect timing and favor to collide, and that I have the patience to wait until He says, "Now!" Thanks for sharing!